India’s national product data repository hosts information on ‘Country of Origin’ of products


Newly enacted Consumer Protection Act mandates onlinemarketplaces to display ‘Country of Origin’ of products hosted ontheir portals to help consumers choose the right product. However, this is notan easy thing for online marketplaces to host this information for a largenumber of products listed with them. This requires collating information throughextensive coordination with brand owners.

To solve the problem in an efficient manner,DataKart – the national product data repository of the country, hosts ‘Countryof Origin’ information on over 14 million products. This will help onlinemarketplaces comply with the Act swiftly.

Once implemented, this will act a crucial step inpromoting the manufacturing of local products in turn supporting government’sinitiatives like 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' and 'Makein India’. It will further enable consumers to make informedchoices and buying decisions.

Moreover, the information on products’ ‘Countryof Origin’ will further motivate young entrepreneurs to promote and sellhand-made products and stand tall with their competitors in the online aswell as offline marketplaces.

Over 10,000 brand owners are updating informationon their products on DataKart on regular basis. The repository also hostsinformation on over 30 product attributes for each product, including images,HSN codes, Country of information, dimensions, etc. This information ispopulated directly by brand owners and maintained in real time for retailersand e-tailers to enhance quality of their item masters.

Retailers and online marketplaces using DataKart hasalso observed benefits of reduced time and enhanced efficiency in managingmaster data updates and listing new product introductions.