The changing face of coffee machines in India making it more affordable and sustainable!


Ideal coffee machines is the only Indian brand that assembles coffee machines in India, making it affordable for the cafes to start their cafe of dreams considering the ease of use, consumption, and quality of the coffee they serve.

Over the years, the company has decided to broaden its horizons in the Indian market by introducing coffee machines with advanced brewing technology, designed to suit cafes of all sizes and budgets. To achieve a professional-level coffee service, Idea’s coffee machines and grinders that are suitable for every need, perfect for cafe aesthetics who want to have a real coffee machine with the latest technology and designs.

Ideal is also the only brand that customizes the coffee according to the theme of the cafe. The unrivalled range of user friendly ideal espresso machines are exclusively designed for a wide range of customers who are looking for budget friendly machines. 

The Ideal’s line of machines presents important elements of innovation in terms of designs and technology, providing baristas with the possibility of creating their perfect cup of coffee.

The simplicity of installation, the high quality of the component, and the foolproof functionality process allow ideal to guarantee the best performance of the products. 

We are the only coffee brand in India with an ISI power supply. The machines have separate boilers for each group and the boiler works autonomously and independently. This allows the machines to switch off groups or boilers in moments of little use, while maintaining constant temperature for each extraction of coffee.

We guarantee unique performance in terms of thermal stability and espresso extraction thanks to the technical characteristics and quality of the concept's ideal use.

Ideal is the only brand to have its own service network. Staffed by highly professional technicians, Ideal's 24-hour service ensures that customers always receive quality workmanship. 

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