Top 5 Food Processing Companies firing up the Snack Market


According to a Forecast by Snacks, Business and Consumer Survey, India Snacks Market will exceed 1 billion Rupees by 2024, providing more room for new entrants to  the market. The food sector has grown into a lucrative industry and has spawned innovative food processing companies. The snack food industry has been thriving in recent years and has seen a massive surge in demand. From classic salty chips, fun pop noodles to masala corn, the market is filled with a handful of options for snack lovers. Keeping the consumers’ needs and ever-changing trends in mind, Snack manufacturers in India have been offering a wide range of options to cater to the taste and demands of end consumers. Here are the top 5 companies that are firing up the snack market.

Kanchan Metals: Founded in 1984, Kanchan Metals is dedicated to providing innovative technical expertise, market confidence, customer service commitment, unmatched market access, and unmatched after-sales service in India and around the world. It is the best option for global investors looking to expand their corporate presence in India. -class provides cost-effective technology. Dedicated to providing end-to-end solutions to the needs of the Indian food processing business, the company has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling food processing equipment in this area. We partner with renowned international food processing equipment manufacturers to provide high quality equipment and advanced after-sales service. Kanchan Metals manufactures a collection of user-friendly products, including food processing machines procured from around the world, for industrial production of snack foods, meat processing, bakery, confectionery, Indian sweets, side dishes, sanitary and packaging. going. The company recently announced a new  Namkeen production line consisting of a cool box and a spiral flow conveyor. These smart and modern solutions are designed to make the manufacturing process more sophisticated and convenient.

Khan engineering and food processing machine: Since 2012, Khan Engineering and Food Processing Machines has been engaged as  a wide range of distributors and exporters of noodle machines, Kurukure machines, food processing machines, roller conveyors and more. -A known supplier on the market. With excellent quality and timely delivery service, our products are becoming more and more popular every day. With  a dedicated team of employees and advanced infrastructure support, Khan Engineering And Food Processing Machine has gained a prestigious position in the industry.

Noida Fabcon Machines Private Limited: Based in the Noida region (Delhi NCR) with four functional units, FABCON has been specializing in the design and supply of customized solutions for the food and related industries for over 40 years. They regularly meet the diverse needs of our valued customers due to the needs of their food processing and packaging solutions. Founded in 1981, the company is one of the reputed certified manufacturers and exporters of an endless assortment of conveyors and food processing machinery. Its product range includes food processing equipment, snack food manufacturing equipment, snack food manufacturing equipment, consistent performance, high energy efficiency, durability, ease of use, robust construction, minimal maintenance, smooth functioning. Highly acclaimed and welcomed in the market with tremendous production capacity. In the manufacturing process, Fabcon uses the highest quality raw materials procured from reliable and reliable suppliers, giving you the peace of mind that all machines meet industry standards. They are supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes a variety of technologically advanced machines with the best features in all of the internal machining, cutting and painting / coating, providing a trouble-free manufacturing process. To do.

Grace Food Processing and Packaging Machinery: Founded in 2012, Grace Food Processing & Packaging Machinery is a leading exporter and manufacturer of packaging machines in India, along with food processing machines and complete snack food processing machines. Grace Machinery offers a variety of pouch machines, automated pouch machines, pneumatic bagging machines, and color packing machines with advanced types of filling systems such as capacity cup fillers, weighing fillers and scoops. The company has R & D technology to meet the specific needs of its customers. We designed various snack foods with puffs and fryums, succeeded in working with various packaging machines, and developed a highly efficient color type packaging machine with PLC control, which is the best-selling machine.

Proveg Engineering & Food Processing Private Limited: Incepted in the year of 2006, Proveg Engineering & Food Processing Private Limited has been a highly genuine and elegant name of the nation engrossed in the leading manufacturer, exporter, and importer of Chapati Making Machine, Food Processing Machine, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Roasting Machine, etc. They also customize products as per customer demand. Keeping up with the trend they provide the best range of namkeen production line, namkeen fryer, industrial dough making machine, continuous fryer, lab twin screw extruder and fryums line with hydro & feeding conveyor with effective & timely delivery. Also  they specialize in manual potato chips making line, plantain banana chips production line, snacks mixing machine, potato washing machine, batch fryer and circular rectangular batch type frying system.