Budget Quote: Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro


Sharing his thoughts on Union Budget Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro said, “We welcome the budget announced by Honourable Finance Minister. Union Budget 2023 strikes a right balance between agriculture, manufacturing and services. It is growth oriented and promising while setting out a plan for inclusive development. The rejig of tax slabs is applauded by the salaried middle class. Enhanced focus on investment, productive expenditure, ease of doing business and green growth is noteworthy.  

The measures outlined in the budget will surely give a boost to tourism.  The move to add 50 more tourist destinations is a significant step. Increased focus on domestic and international tourism is expected to lift the sector and create employment opportunities. From a commercial refrigeration company’s viewpoint, we believe it is a positive step as it will spruce up investment and fuel growth in hospitality sector. 

Focus on animal husbandry, dairy and fisheries is also expected to indirectly have a positive impact on the commercial refrigeration industry.

Amid concerns of global warming, the highlighted focus on green growth will give an impetus to sustainable solutions. The ‘Green credit programme' to reduce carbon footprint is expected to incentivize eco-consciousness in our industry.”