Autumn brings delicious new Valio products and even less plastic


New Valio products for theFinnish market area are here! The autumn everyday food season starts with anappetising vegetarian steak. The hunger for snacks is satisfied with organicfoods or without added sugar, and a family favourite cheese is now available ina handy snack size. The environment benefits by a reduced amount of plastic andincreased use of recycled plastic in Valio PROfeel®  protein snacks and sliced cheese packaging.

Valio MiFU® vegetarian steaks are succulent and can be shaped

Valio MiFU® steaks are a 100%plant-based novelty for those in search of an easy, tasty meal! Made of peaprotein and rapeseed oil, the steaks have a succulent taste and a meatymouthfeel. Valio MiFU® vegetarian steaks can be fried, baked in the oven orgrilled. The steaks are cooked until crisp and tasty in just a few minutes.They are soy-free and gluten-free, making them suitable for many diets and afavourite for the whole family. Try the steaks in dishes that normally useminced beef steaks. The steaks can also be shaped into “meatballs” beforecooking.

For satisfying a little hunger

Valio Oltermanni® cheese isnow available in convenient snack form. The cheese pieces are individuallypackaged and are great as a healthy lunch or snack. They can be kept at roomtemperature for up to eight hours, so they are ideal for packing in yourbackpack, for example, or as a workout snack. The individually packed piecesare sold in a resealable bag. All Valio Oltermanni® cheeses are made fromFinnish milk and do not contain additives.

Snacks as you want them

Valio Luonnonjogurtti+™ mangoand papaya, and apple and pear are fresh and fruity natural yoghurts indrinkable form. They do not not contain added sugar, sweeteners, fruit juice orhoney.

Want to enjoy a gluten-free,plant-based snack or a cup of coffee? Did you know that Valio Oddlygood®oat-based yoghurts and Valio Oddlygood® Barista coffee oat drink are now madefrom gluten-free Finnish oats? Already at the start of the summer we launched asmaller-sized (0.75 litre) Valio Oddlygood® Barista oat drink, which isavailable from the cold shelf in shops.

Delicious treats for festive moments

As the autumn days turnshorter, little treats can brighten things up wonderfully. ValioJäätelöfabriikki’s two new icecreams – mocha and toffee, and lemon andliquorice – will be hard to resist. Or how about AURA® gingerbread biscuits, awell-established Christmas classic?

Plum-lovers now have a newtreat in store in the form of Valio Herkku plum mousse, which is just the rightsize and flavour to satisfy a craving. If you want to add a perfectly plummyflavour to your baking, Valio’s plum and cinnamon quark is just what you need.And don’t forget savoury delights! Valio AURA® Gold, Valio Hienoin AlppiKreivi® and Valio Hienoin Juhla Cheddar® cheeses are available only for theChristmas season. These fine festive cheeses have been painstakingly maturedfor longer than normal by our cheese masters. Valio Viola® AURA® cream cheeseis a deliciously convenient accompaniment for crunchy-crusted bread or savourybiscuits, or for making a sandwich cake with the fantastic taste of Finland’sbest-loved blue cheese.

Less plastic, more recycled plastic

Plastic is needed for all foodproducts that keep for a long time, as without the plastic protection the foodwould spoil before it even reaches the home fridge. Packaging has a vitallyimportant task – to prevent food waste, which is a major environmental hazard.Plastic becomes a problem if it ends up in nature. Valio is determined toreduce the amount of plastic used for packaging and to increase the proportionof recycled plastic used. All our packaging is recyclable.

During the autumn, we willdiscontinue the use of covers with plastic spoons for Valio PROfeel® quarks andpuddings. This reduces the amount of plastics used in these packages by awhopping 44 per cent. That means about 150,000 kg of plastic a year, an amountthat corresponds to about seven million plastic bags! We are also making apartial shift to recycled plastic packaging for all of Valio’s cheese slices,and their overall plastic content is also being reduced. More than 55 per centof packaging material is made from recycled plastic in Finland. Thinnerpackaging saves 70,000 kg of plastic per year. Thinner packaging is easier tosqueeze into a small area to save space in rubbish bins and in rubbishtransportation.