Kitchen Treasures launches Golden Turmeric Health Drink Mix for Immunity


In the wake of thespike in COVID-19 cases, Kitchen Treasures, Kerala’s leading masala and spicesbrand, has launched Golden Turmeric Health Drink Mix to help people boost theirimmunity. Synthite, the world’s largest curcumin producer, has developed theproduct for Kitchen Treasures. 


Besides using themask, sanitizer and following social distancing, improving one’s immunity aresaid to be an effective way to prevent the coronavirus.  Rich in Curcuminand Trikatu, Golden Turmeric Health Drink Mix is an ideal drink for the currentscenario. Curcumin, the core element in the health drink is extracted fromturmeric. The main bioactive ingredient of turmeric, curcumin hasanti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. This ingredientwhich influences the growth and activities of immune system cells can regulatethe functioning of the immune system and thus fight viral and infectiousdiseases. Trikatu, another key element that is a mix of black pepper, longpepper and ginger, helps the body absorb the healing properties ofCurcumin. 


A socially responsiblebrand, Kitchen Treasures launched the product through a digital function toavoid social gatherings. Actor Manju Warrier, who is also the brand ambassadorof Kitchen Treasures, released the health drink mix via the social media handleof Kitchen Treasures. 


“The COVID-19 spreadhas encouraged us to introduce the Golden Turmeric Health Drink Mix. In thisunusual situation, what we can do to fight the virus is to follow a healthyliving. Improving immunity can keep the virus at bay. Our health drink mix isdesigned to serve that purpose. Curcumin, which is extracted from turmeric, is50x stronger than turmeric and enhances immunity. Contrary to the usualturmeric, the mix doesn’t have a raw taste. It is a delicious mix,” said AshokMani, CEO, Kitchen Treasures.


The product that comesin a 250g box is priced at Rs 249. As part of an introductory offer, it will beavailable at Rs 199. One can purchase it both online and at various shopsacross Kerala and major metros outside the state. It can be consumed by bothadults and children every day.