How Vocal for Local has Created A Shift in the Choices of Indian Beverages


The pandemic and the lockdown has induced self-reliance or ‘atmanirbhar’ sentiments by expanding knowledge on manufacturing goods locally. As the awareness about ‘vocal for local’ increases the drive among the people, the government is extending the required incentive, assistance, and means to feed local manufacturing of goods to support local businesses and advance the ‘Make in India’ campaign.

Transforming customer responses due to the horrors of the pandemic are infinitely grave that it has led to buyers not being ardent to go to market places, shopping malls or resorting to e-commerce frequently. This has revealed a change in their shopping preference and conferred an inclination towards retail stores as well as for opting for small liquor/beverage brands in the vicinity. This evident transformation in the buying patterns and behaviour along with a lack of imported goods in the market has to an extent supported the local products to attain the attention and reach the customers.

India’s alcohol beverage manufacturers have started urging for ‘vocal for local’ schemes which have served to spread a message to support Indian manufactures and goods made in India among the buyers and at the same time enabled local businesses to thrive. This has swayed the consumers and created a favourable sentiment among Indians to resort to products that are being made by local beverage manufactures in their homeland.

Due to the ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative, India's indigenous and heritage alcoholic drinks have attained a means to reach the consumers. It has been the need of the hour to bring these indigenous brews to the market locally and worldwide. The businesses looking to hit this expanding market. Therefore, complying with the feelings in the country towards imported items due to the pandemic is admittedly impassioning ‘Made in India’ sentiments and has granted an indisputable advantage to local Indian companies as well as prompted a preference amidst the consumers to dissipate these local heritage beverages rather than foreign alcoholic beverages.

One difficulty that could stand for the Indian brands to reach the consumers adequately is to produce their goods in a way which make them adequately competitive to succeed in the global market. This way, not only can the Indians resort  to high-quality goods produced in their own homeland which could be considered as certified as the imported product, and at the same time, the Indian local brands can have a golden opportunity to bring out significance in the global sphere. PM Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed for the usage of goods produced in the nation, declaring that coronavirus pandemic has illustrated the significance of local production, the local business and maintaining a local supply chain.

The development of this novel system with 'vocal for local' has fundamentally has altered the way in which goods and services are delivered to customers and their preferences towards the Indian beverage brands. It is indeed a fitting moment to peer ahead of the hurdles and surge ahead with greater fervour and enthusiasm along with the global development of the alcoholic beverage industry in India.