Hill Zill Wines Pvt Ltd Launches Pomona’s hand-crafted wines to deliver fruitful experiences of nature’s abundance to wine lovers


Hill Zill Wines Pvt Ltd (HZWPL), the company renowned for creating unique alcoholic beverages with fresh fruits from orchards, has unveiled a new premium range of handcrafted fruit-flavored wines called ‘Pomona’s.’ Unveiled in the states of Maharashtra and Goa, Pomona’s wines will awaken the senses of touch, sight, smell, taste, and feel for wine lovers. 

Great quality wines bring out the essence of celebration by delivering a delightful all-round experience to consumers, which HZWPL has been exclusively focusing on. The brand is now ready to teleport people into magnificent orchards laden with fresh fruits through the new range of Pomona's wines.

“Pomona” was a goddess of fruitful abundance in ancient Roman religion and mythology, whom it is believed watches over and protects fruit trees and cares for their cultivation.

The Hill Zill Wines management is pleased to introduce the unique combination of classic wine with the richness of natural flavors of fruits like strawberry and mango and the decadence of chocolate. The uniquely chosen flavors represent the three main seasons of the year. The subtle taste of ripe mangoes in the mango wine will rekindle the summer feel with every sip. The rosé-colored strawberry wine will take one on a walk through the luscious strawberry gardens in the monsoons. They have also introduced the very first chocolate-flavored wine that will surely add a Christmassy vibe to wine lovers during the winter. The richness of Pomona’s wines will enable everyone to enjoy them in the purest form or as delicious cocktails and sangrias. No matter how you drink it, you will always have wine for every season and reason by your side.

Packaged in see-through bottles, these wines first enthrall the consumer with a stunning visual of the liquid inside. The feel of the bottle and the uniquely designed labels will tickle your senses of sight & touch. The rich aroma will create an ecstatic drinking experience as soon as the bottle is opened.