Maintaining Energy and building overall health requires changes in lifestyle and food habits


Mr.  Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales and Marketing- Mankind Pharma
When it comes to being Energetic, overall healthy, our lifestyle plays the most decisive role. In the last one and half years, the pandemic in a way forced us to contemplate why a healthy and active lifestyle is important. It is rightly said, 'the health is wealth’. The first and foremost step towards changing the healthy lifestyle, it's important to eat healthier food. 

There will be times when you may need to change some of your daily habits but that doesn’t mean you need to make huge changes to eat healthier. And one doesn’t need to change the habits all at the same time. It's best to set small goals and change your habits a little bit at a time. Over time, small changes can make a big difference in your health

 To strengthen an active healthy lifestyle, it requires a slew of few measures which need to be adopted rigorously. Factors like following a good diet every day, practising exercise with a good amount of sleep help to function the body and plays a prominent role in maintaining energy levels and boosting overall health. Hence, we can only lead a good and healthy lifestyle when we are empowered with good immunity and taking the right micronutrient (Vitamins and Minerals) in the right proportions.

As humans, we love to explore different cuisines, going out with families and friends and eating junk foods. There are times when we cannot eat a variety of nutritious foods. In these cases, a vitamin and mineral supplement usually help fill the nutritional gap. Even doctors suggest taking multivitamins to those who have weakness, tiredness and fatigue. 

Moreover, with changing times, people are  realising the importance of such supplements and this pushed Mankind Pharma to launch ‘Health OK’ in the OTC category. It helps cope with modern lifestyles problems with its unique formulations of natural ginseng and taurine for maintaining energy, 20 multivitamins and minerals for improving overall health and Vitamin C, D and Zinc for building Immunity. The focus of people has shifted towards holistic health, which has resulted in a sharp increase in sales of multivitamin and health supplements that have Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D known for developing immune systems, and overall wellness support.

Hence, daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals helps us achieve overall health and immunity, coupled with good sleep and exercise further helps us live a healthy life.
However, the body works properly only when it is taken care of, including the immune system. It functions even better when protected and bolstered by a healthy-living approach such as these:

-Exercise regularly and Meditation
-Good Sleep strengthens the immune system and fight off infection 
-Eating fruits and vegetables in the diet (which are more prone to immune building food)
-No smoking 
-Avoiding too much-fried food
- Staying hydrated 
-Maintain good hygiene habits for increased immunity.
- Having a positive mindset and attitude leads to better overall health and well-being 
- Stay in touch while social distancing also

Our human body faces different kinds of challenges, both physically and mentally. We can choose a healthy lifestyle by keeping a balance between both and considering our foremost priority. If we take all these measures, it will strengthen our immune system. Multivitamin and mineral supplements can only be productive when we give equal importance to our mental health. Then, we can be physically effective and active in our lifestyle.