Importance of the quality of cooking oil in food industry
While use of cooking oil which is too old for deep-frying produces inferior quality of food that may also contain substances causing health risk, too early replacement of cooking oil contrarily causes wastage of resource and money. 

Equipping you to maintain the quality of cooking oil
Wrapped with German technology and precision, our cooking oil tester testo 270 aids you in inspecting the quality of cooking oil for producing healthy food even faster. The cooking oil tester testo 270 measures the Total Polar Material (TPM) or the Total Polar Compounds (TPC) content in the cooking oil, which is a sure indicator of its age and quality.  Cooking oil is healthiest when its TPC ranges between 10 and 20 % TPM. If the oil is too old, it shows an increased TPM value, and deep-fried goods of inferior quality are produced. It can furthermore contain substances which present a risk to health. Regular measurement of cooking oil quality with the testo 270 cooking oil tester prevents the use of oil which is too old along with preventing the wastage of cooking oil due to too early replacement thus ensuring the quality of deep-fried foods and reducing expenditure for cooking oil by up to 20 % and therefore saving cost!

You benefit three-fold when you use the cooking oil tester testo 270 for regular TPM value checks:
1. You comply with the legal norms & regulations imposed by FSSAI.
2. You reduce your cooking oil costs by up to 20 %.
3. Uniformly high deep-fried food quality ensures your customers are satisfied.
You will learn how this works in the next paragraphs:

The challenge.
Time plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the cooking oil which in turn helps to judge the optimal use of the oil. Regularly checking cooking oil quality during ongoing operations, interrupting the strict work routine to carry out the measurement, explaining the handling of the measuring instrument to the staff, and despite all this working according to the FSSAI norms, is no easy matter. This makes it more important to use digital and robust equipment to carry out the precise measurement efficiently yet safely. Apart from this, every member of staff must be able to carry out the measurement without previous knowledge and intensive training. Easy cleaning too, is indispensable.

The solution.
Measurement with the cooking oil tester testo 270 could not be any easier. Switch on, immerse in hot oil, measure. Done. The intuitive measuring instrument is ready for use immediately after switching on, and operable with only four self-explanatory buttons. Thanks to the ergonomic design, handling is convenient and safe. The TPM limit values can be individually defined according to local legislation and are protected from inadvertent adjustment by a password (PIN). A great help in the measurements is the large, backlit display. For one thing, it flashes if it is a stable measurement value has not been reached. Secondly, the TPM content of the cooking oil analysed is shown on it not only as a percentage, but also by the unambiguous backlit traffic light system. The staff can thus see the quality of the oil at a glance, and can act accordingly if a replacement is due.

Safe to use. Easy to clean.
The ergonomic design of the new testo 270 offers an added advantage to the user by avoiding direct exposure to the heat from the deep-fryer while taking the measurement, allowing more safety. The measuring instrument also fulfils the protection class IP65 even without an additional protective case which makes cleaning it under running water possible – ideal for use in quick-service restaurants.

Even more intuitive thanks to traffic light system
The cooking oil tester testo 270 with the largest display in the market, considerably simplifies the reading of temperature and TPM values along with the unmistakeable alarm provided by multi-colour backlighting which makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil; Green means that the TPM or the TPC content is below the set limit value, orange is close to it, and when the display lights up red, the limit value has been exceeded. 

The advantages.
The testo 270 cooking oil tester guarantees that the oil and the foods prepared in it are of the highest quality, ensuring the customers are satisfied. Regular measurement prevents the oil from being replaced too early or too late – this can reduce your cooking oil consumption by up to 20 %, thus saving costs.

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