Quality in Food Manufacturing With Rapid Moisture Analysis


Determining moisture content during food manufacturing is essential to ensuring the quality of raw materials and finished products alike.

METTLER TOLEDO Halogen Moisture Analyzers provide fast, accurate results that improve product reliability and diminish waste. A broad selection of moisture methods and our expertise serves as a launching pad for comparable measurements to industry reference methods.

Easy as pie
Guided touchscreen operation, method shortcuts and access to verified moisture methods in our online library make our moisture analyzers simple, straightforward and powerful tools.

Robust and reliable
A high-resolution weighing cell and maximum method flexibility ensure optimal results. And with the SmartCal™ test substance, you can check your moisture analyzer’s performance in only ten minutes.

From “apple” to “zucchini”
Discover a wealth of guides, white papers and other resources in our moisture library. Leverage our expert knowledge for fast, accurate moisture measurements, at any stage of food production.

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