Glass-in-Glass X-Ray Inspection New Technology Delivers Brand Protection


Inspecting glass containers for glass contaminants can be a challenge. Fortunately, advanced glass-in-glass x-ray inspection technology from METTLER TOLEDO ensures you continue to produce safe and high quality products. The X3750’s unique adjustable angled x-ray beam inspects a variety of applications, providing greater flexibility and helping to reduce manufacturers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Angled x-ray beam removes blind spots
The number of x-ray beams is critical to inspecting glass-in-glass applications. The X3750’s optimum beam geometry opens up the container to inspect every aspect of a range of jars and bottles, capturing blind spots that would previously miss inspection.

Unique modular belt boosts OEE
Inspecting glass containers can put a strain on conveyor belts. Replacing these adds to production downtime and increases costs. The X3750 runs with a durable modular belt suitable for glass containers, eliminating the cost of belt replacement and boosting Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Class-leading software enhances quality
Product safety and quality is paramount, along with compliance with global food safety regulations. METTLER TOLEDO’s class-leading software provides enhanced detection sensitivity, while performing a range of additional food quality checks to protect consumers and brands. It also provides simple product setup and changeovers for an added productivity boost.

Complete integration reduces TCO
Having a completely integrated conveyorized solution brings many benefits to a production line. The X3750 offers a complete solution including transfer conveyors, reject system and a reject collection table, making it a simple solution for customers with glass jars.

Single beam solves product spacing issues
Using multiple x-ray beams means a gap is required between products to ensure all areas of the container are inspected. The X3750’s single beam reduces the need for expensive spacing solutions, and its high throughput capabilities can inspect and reject up to 1,200 products per minute. This completely integrated x-ray solution can be positioned parallel to the customer‘s existing production line.

5-year warranty ensures confidence in equipment
The X3750 is available with a 5-year warranty on its generator, if a service contract is taken out at the time of purchase. Correct parameter settings, with our best-in-class service offering ensures that the x-ray inspection solution is always optimized for detection capability and maximum production uptime.