NORD Drive Solutions for the Bakery Industry


With its lightweight,corrosion-resistant gear units, smooth surface motors, frequency inverters, andmotor starters in wash-down-optimized aluminum housings, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is apowerful partner for hygiene-friendly drive systems in the bakery industry.Strong and robust drive solutions for mixing and agitation processes extend thedrive technology specialist’s portfolio.

Whether agitators, conveyor systems,weighing and filling plants or packaging machinery: NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offersefficient and hygienic drive solutions for the bakery industry that meet stringentrequirements on hygiene, reliability, and durability. The manufacturer’sinnovative inverter technology guarantees high positioning accuracy andreliable implementation of dynamic sequences. The drive units can be controlledindividually, for example, to regulate kneading and conveyor speeds and toprevent blockages or control the dough process. Due to their modular structure,the drive units are also service- and maintenance-friendly.

Corrosionprotection in demanding environments.

The nsd tupH surface treatmentprovides an outstanding anti-corrosion treatment for gear units, smooth motors,frequency inverters, and motor starters in wash-down-optimized cast aluminumhousings. nsd tupH drive units are a robust and durable alternative to paintedgeared motors or stainless steel drive units. A respective treatment isavailable for all NORD products made from aluminum. In nsd tupH aluminum driveunits, all DIN and standard components, including driveshafts, are made fromstainless steel. The fanless smooth motors do not spread germs and run veryquietly.

Strongdrive packages for mixer applications

MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units fromNORD DRIVESYSTES ensure reliable operation in industries using mixing andagitation processes even under extreme conditions and offering high outputtorques up to 282 kNm, along with quiet running and long service life. Thecompact combination of MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear units, the new SAFOMI IECadapter, and an energy-efficient electric motor from NORD is the best choicefor mixers and agitator applications to reduce the number of wearing parts andattached components.

The SAFOMI adapter combines thefunctions of a standard IEC adapter and an oil expansion tank in one singlecomponent. Its use on the agitator drive increases operational reliability andlowers maintenance efforts. Oil tanks and hoses as well as the radial shaftseal between gear unit and IEC cylinder are not required. The SAFOMI adapter isavailable for parallel gear units in sizes 7 to 11 (output torques from 25 to75 kNm).

Robustequipment options

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offersapplication-specific equipment options that combine high performance andefficiency, specifically designed for pumps, agitators, and mixers with highprocess-related radial and axial bearing loads. This includes an agitatorversion (VL2 bearing) with large bearing spacing and reinforced bearing, aswell as a Drywell version (VL3 bearing) with additional oil drip plate andleakage or oil sensor. For the VL2 and VL3 bearings, the bearing spacing isincreased with attached components whereas the gear unit size remainsunchanged. NORD also offers bearings that were intentionally oversized to meetthe requirements of applications such as agitators in the bakery industry.