Mr. Srinivas Ganadinni, Founder, The Tea Planet



1) Please let us know about theinspiration behind The Tea Planet.


Wewanted to bring different blends of tea found globally together under one brandfor our customers. At The Tea Planet we sell various finest tea blends throughour franchise all over the world. The Tea Planet by Ganadinni Fine Foods ImpexPvt Ltd is a direct-from-the-source exporter of organic, conventional,bio-dynamic, fair trade, herbal, floral, and exclusive fruit tea blends. Wework directly with several tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka and offerblends to customers at fair prices. Starting as a franchise chain in 2016, thecompany has evolved into an end-to-end solutions supplier for India's specialtytea market. We at The Tea Planet formulate various tea mixes, manufacture arange of tea products, and works on research and development of variousingredients, packaging solutions, and changing government rules and regulationsconcerning the tea industry, in addition to importing and exporting tea andcoffee from across India and Sri Lanka. Our aim is to promote the ultimate teaexperience with state-of-the-art tea blends. We provide tea along withrefreshing coolers, ice teas and tea cocktails.


2) What are the differentproducts you are currently offering?


Weare selling a variety of blends of tea found globally and expanding ourvertical integration to Milkshake, Yogurt, Instant Tea Mixes, Tapioca Pearls,Mocktail Syrups, and Tea concentrates. Also we are the first and only bubbletea ingredients manufacturer in India with its exclusive range of Bubble tea.With 1200 varieties of proprietary tea-related products available in ourdiverse portfolio, we aim to promote the ultimate tea experience by sourcingthe finest ingredients from all over the world through our website, onlinemarketplaces, and franchises.


3) Other than Indian markets,which other countries are you selling and how is the response?


Westarted from Hyderabad but now we have Production Facilities & TradeRepresentation Office In Srilanka and USA. We Import Tea Related Flavors, Herbsfor Local (India, Sri Lanka) & Export Markets From Germany, Egypt, TaiwanEtc. Currently we are exporting to

OurBusiness Is Built On Strong Foundation & Service Customers From Rural PartsOf India To The Upscale Grocery Stores On The Streets Of Manhattan and withalmost a decade of experience In the tea trade 



4)Brief us about the trends andfuture of the Tea trade in India and how important is the role of the supplychain?


Withrampant globalization, there has been a surge in consumer demands forvariations. As global barriers were removed, customers started seekinginnovation and diversity in all areas.

Inthis scenario, teas are no different as the tea market demand of today islooking at various exotic and mixed flavors of teas that are new andrefreshing. Consumption habits for RTD, sparkling teas, and flavored teas areon the rise as the consumer need for innovation grows.

Further,in the last couple of years, we have also seen an increasing inclination ofconsumers towards health-conscious products and eatables. Several types of teascarry healing and therapeutic properties that calm the body and mind. These aregaining immense popularity in the present day where several people, especiallyyoungsters are suffering from chronic diseases of both the body and the mind.Functional teas like immune boosters, stress relief, teas for insomnia,inflammation that contains adaptogens, and Ayurvedic spices like Cordyceps areexpected to gain even more popularity amongst the young generations in thecoming times.

Thesupply chain is an integral component of the supply process and thus holdscritical influence over the overall results of the process. The implementationof new-age strategies has modified the structure of the supply chain. Sincedigitization is the standard nowadays, switching to the online channel ofselling has boosted visibility and sales tremendously. 


Addon to that, virtual platforms have enabled tea sellers to understand andmeasure the patterns and preferences of the target customers and consumerbehaviour. This helped brands to improve product innovations and salemechanisms. This is a perk that is not otherwise available in otherdistribution models.



5) How R&D is helping youto stay ahead in your business?


Weat The Tea Planet receive orders for new flavour profiles or blends almostevery day, As both a tea manufacturer and comprehensive beverage company, ourR&D team persistently studied and developed technology related to issuessuch as flavor and health-promoting properties of foods. Our in-house team ofexperts specializes in the art and science of tea formulation. We believe inopen innovation because we know good ideas can come from anywhere. Our R&Dteam takes those good ideas and nurtures them, transforming ideas intoinnovation.


Optimizingthe product profile and creating the magical cup of tea is a continuous effort.For every new flavour we start from scratch and till the time our tasters don'tapprove we don't give a go-ahead with the production. We don't stop at that forinstance, recently We developed a distinct profile for a medicinal herb calledCordyceps. The herb is only found in a few isolated natural habitats. Every new flavour goes through a lot of testing before it's presented to ourconsumers. Currently, we have 1200 varieties of proprietary tea-relatedproducts in our diverse portfolio and it's all because of our advanced R&Dprocess. It gives us a competitive advantage and helps us in bringing in aproduct that no one else can offer.




6) What makes The Tea Planetdifferent from its competitors?


Weat The Tea Planet formulate various tea mixes, manufacture a range of teaproducts, and work on research and development of various ingredients,packaging solutions, and changing government rules and regulations concerningthe tea industry, in addition to importing and exporting tea and coffee fromacross India and Sri Lanka. Our aim is to promote the ultimate tea experiencewith state-of-the-art tea blends. We provide tea along with refreshing coolersice teas and tea cocktails


7) Shed some light upon yourexpansion plans in the coming years


Sincethe bubble tea market in India is still picking up, we are working on taking itto different heights. We are introducing our whole range of Bubble Tea via ournew website where people will be able to get to make bubble teas at homethrough our Bubble Tea DIY kit.