Mr. Abhinav Mathur, CEO & Managing Director of Kaapi Machines



1.Kindly brief us about Kaapi Machines and what are the services offered by you? 

Kaapi Machineswas founded in 2007, at a time when the café concept was just growing in India.The idea was to provide coffee businesses with the right equipment, training,and support to grow and thrive. The company has since grown, serves now manytop café chains, hotels and corporates and is considered a market leader in thecoffee equipment industry. With a strong regional infrastructure and localsupport for training and after sales service, Kaapi Machines has an edgeamongst competitors.


2.What are the key trends you see in the Indian beverages industry and how do yousee your growth as a coffee equipment supplier?

The key trend is the emergenceof many local coffee roasters in almost every major city in India. We have soldmore coffee roasters during last 2 years than in all previous 10 yearscombined. There is also a clear emergence of Specialty Coffee cafes andRoasteries – popular ones being Araku Coffee &  Subko, alongside manynewer ones emerging from newer markets like Surat, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur,Jabalpur and even North-East, all previously considered tea drinking markets.  


3.Please brief us about the recent innovations in the coffee industry and howimportant is the role of technology in it.

With the adventof Specialty Coffee cafes and D2C brands the choice available to millennialsfor their coffee brew has multiplied. With millennials demanding “Cold BrewCoffee”, “Nitro Brew”, Syphons, Pour Over and other such coffee brews, the caféchains are having to constantly innovate and upgrade their menu.

We support thecafé businesses by launching products that provide multiple advantages – newerbrewing techniques, great design, efficiency of operations and automation.

Some popularnew-age products include:

·       The Mod-Bar: An undercounter Espresso Machine,first installed at Araku Café, Bangalore

·       The Brood Nitro: A new age Nitro CoffeeBrewer, present at a select few cafes

·       The Tone Touch: An innovation which automatesthe flow rate and water temperature to replicate the manual brews made by handby Baristas

·       The Toddy Cold Brew system: Used by most topcafé chains in India

·       Kaapi iOT, our own platform which allowscontactless transactions through vending machines installed in offices, hotelsand restaurants


We are veryexcited about the future of technology in coffee and are here to bring the bestfrom the world to the Indian market.


4.Tell us how COVID – 19 impacted your business and being a leader of yoursegment how you have addressed it?

We had achallenging year FY20-21 due to lockdowns and a general low sentiment in theF&B industry, but this FY21-22 has been our best by far and we would be atour highest ever revenue, almost 2.5X of last year. With the hyper-growth beingwitnessed in India in the coffee sector, Kaapi Machines is seeing a very stronggrowth in all segments included Coffee Roasters, Café Equipment as well asSpecialty Coffee & Manual Brewing ranges.


5.As we are at the start of the year, what are your key expectations from thebeverages industry and what do you suggest for the industry to recover fast?

While2021 was all about the growth in the café segment, the year 2022, we believe –will see much more of expansion in the RTD Coffee Market along with a return tooffices and hence a strong coffee vending market.


Ourown suggestion would be for coffee businesses to innovate more to attractconsumers. There are many possibilities in coffee, right from sourcing toroasting to brewing and the more innovation we see, the more customers we as anindustry will attract.


Also,we would like the industry to reimagine their businesses and have moreconversations with coffee technology & innovation-focused companies likeours. We follow closely what is happening across the country and the world andare happy to share with the industry, such that everyone can learn and growtogether.


Weneed to understand, two years since the pandemic started, the consumers are notthe same, and hence an upgrade in the coffee experience is the key to growth! 


6.Are you coming up with any new product this year?

Kaapi Machines hasalways been about innovation and technology and we have been working towards avery exciting product line-up. While we would be showcasing these productsthrough the year at food shows, here is a sneak peek:

·       A Boiler-lessCoffee Machine (never seen before)

·       Café automationproducts – to standardize and automate all processes including tamping, milkdispensing and even milk foaming

·       Our mainstaybrand Rancilio’s new range – with patented Steady Brew technology

·       The new cuttingedge Grind-By-Weight Grinders by Mahlkonig, the world’s iconic Grinder brand

·       New products fromthe stable of WMF Germany for small and medium hotels   


7.What’s your business outlook for the next financial year?   

Weare on a strong growth trajectory and we expect the coming year to deliver arecord growth for us. With the amount of new projects, products and expansionplans from customers, it will be a year to look forward to.

Theentire team is excited and raring to go!