Mr Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director, Kanchan Metals


1.Kindly brief us about your company and product’s profile.

Kanchan Metals is a company dedicated to providing complete solutions to the needs of food processing companies in India. The enterprise manufactures of snack food processing equipment as well as partnered with renowned international equipment manufacturers to provide quality equipment and after sales service of the highest standard to Indian as well as international markets. Kanchan Metals offering food processing machines, with a varied number of snack machines with the aim of providing global technology with local support. Some of our key solutions as offering to industry are Automatic Bhujia/Sev Production Line, Automatic Moong Dal processing line, Mixture line, Extruded Snack frying line, Sabudana frying line, Corn cooking and steeping line, Product distribution system, and many more.

2.Who are the target audience and are they showing promising growth & healthy demand for your products, especially during this pandemic period?
Buying patterns of consumers ranging from necessities to high-value items like processed food, snacks, packed food items, processed meat and frozen desserts. There was a significant spike in the demand for packaged food products like biscuits and instant noodles, resulting in an increase in the average purchase value per customer. Concerning to target audience as more people are working from home, the definition of necessity changed from basic foods to snacking and munching items where everybody prefers to buy a well packaged food instead something getting sold as open or loose.

3.Tell us how COVID – 19 has impacted your business operation so far? And what are your plans to overcome the same?
The outbreak of Covid-19 left the food industry badly hit. As it caused a major disruption, there was a widespread closure of storage facilities, manufacturing units, and dine-in outlets all over India. The global pandemic has placed unthinkable pressures on all aspects of the food & beverages manufacturing industry’s infrastructure. Soaring job cuts and severe disorderliness further worsened the situation.   

On the brighter side of things, many food manufacturing firms have re-visited and re-engineered their processes and business models in a short span of time. They have taken steps to respond to the current changes, implement health and safety measures, and feed the whole nation. In this scenario, it was essential that a definitive recovery plan is brought into place which will be helpful for companies to combat the pandemic crisis at a rapid pace. With the dawn of 2021, the search is on for a landing spot while there is a looming uncertainty about a rapid rebound.

4.How do you see the competition of your products with that of other manufacturers in India and what differential business strategies do you follow to stay ahead of the competition?
In today’s time where the competition is spread everywhere but to overcome this and maintain yourself in race is only possible through your piece of product/equipment offering backed up by very good and prompt service support. We are fortunate to have a complete infrastructure to offer utmost possible support to extract high efficiency and increased profitability. To fasten our reach to customer across the country we have placed our resources at various location so that they can hear the pain of customer and offer them appropriate, quick, reliable and cost-effective solution.

5.Have you participated in any trade exhibitions recently? If yes, what are your experience, and how was the responses from the industry?
We have participated two major events of industry last month in December named as ANUTEC and WMNC, this time the footfall was short by 45-50% than regular time before pandemic but even after we found the show was focused as only specific group of people having certain thoughts in mind who visited the show. But important to add here is the gap must be there between two events otherwise the first will have a success while the other one will bear the hit, and this will be a loss not only to exhibitor but also to visitor as it takes some time for recreation in your offering.

6.Are you coming up with any new innovations/machines to introduce in the next year?
Well said by Plato, necessity is the mother of invention! As the industry demand and requirements are growing where high volume, untouched production, lesser manpower and high hygiene standards are certain identified areas where they are always short of offering and there is requirement. Following the vision of company stating, when it comes to food innovation-Think about us! we always like to hear and understand the requirement of processors and make tailor made solution to meet the objective.
We do have multiple of solutions in pipeline where material handling automation, continuous mixing and transferring of dry and wet ingredients, corn-based wet extruded snacks, product distribution are surely few of them.

7.What are the latest achievements of the company and your business outlook for the next year?
With the support of all customers, we are growing along with industry, its always pleasure for us and considered as accomplishment when a specific product and brand is getting recognition and success and we know that we are behind the scenes provided them machinery and solution. This must be our biggest achievement which is most asset to us.
Going through the ongoing trend surely market has lot of positivity, and we are anticipating tremendous opportunities in this year.

8.Would you like to add on anything OR any message for our readers for the New Year?
As the new surge of O-Micron is growing rapidly however reviewing the expert thoughts it is not that much intense than last variants but still we need to take all the precaution and safety measure, since we are living with it from almost two years now and I believe this is not going to hamper lot the business and activities. At the end my best wishes of NEW YEAR to all the readers, I pray for you to be safe and be progressive.