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Mr. Sandeep Sharma Marketing Director, R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt. Limited


In an exclusive conversation with the editor of FBP magazine Mr. Sharma speaks about the Ultrasonic cleaning technology and its importance in the fruits & vegetables cleaning..

  1. Please give us a brief overview about your company, product’s profile and operations in India.

Our company “R.K. Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.” was established in 2004 with a motto to provide the best quality Ultrasonic Cleaning & chemical solutions for industrial cleaning products ranging from automobile to food sector. Our product list includes ultrasonic cleaning machines ranging from 1.3 Liters to 100 Liters capacity & hybrid cleaning solutions consisting of all natural cleaner & disinfectants. With a broad selection of cleaning machines and related chemicals to be used in conjunction to the machine, we are a one stop shop for industrial cleaning requirements. Since it’s inception “R.K. Transonic Engineers Pvt. Ltd.” enjoys being recognized as one of the leading firms indulged in manufacturing & export of ultrasonic cleaning machines. We operate via two state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Noida and Haryana. We have more than 1000 satisfied clients across India with nearly 30% exports of the products.

  1. Who are the target audience of your products in India and are they showing promising growth and creating demands for your products?

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are used by various industries for cleaning & washing of industrial goods. While our majority of customers come from the automobile sector, we have now been able to explore new applications for ultrasonic cleaning and thus we are now targeting ultrasonic cleaning for food industry, jewelry industry, aviation industry, printing industry and marine industry. Our current target is the food sector where Ultrasonic cleaners have shows a positive growth over the last few years. We have expertise in manufacturing ultrasonic cleaning machines for washing and cleaning of fruits & vegetables which has a promising future. Today the customer is well educated about the ill-effects of consuming fruits & vegetables which are loaded with pesticides and thus we are increasingly receiving queries about the cleaning systems not only by professional kitchens but by individual(s) as well. Also, seeing the decline in the export of food produce from India, the fear of rejection is causing a lot of food produce exporters to now pay the much needed attention to maintaining the quality of fruits & vegetables.


  1. Please brief us about Ultrasonic Cleaning, its importance and uses in food industry.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a revolution in the field of fruit & vegetable washing. As it is often said “We are what we eat” and believe it or not, in today’s scenario, we are inadvertently consuming fruits and vegetables which are highly contaminated with various dangerous chemicals, artificial waxes and plenty of unknown pathogens. It is hard to digest but true to know that the fruits and vegetables we consume today have abundance of pesticides, herbicides, weedicides, fungicides, artificial oil & waxing and a lot many harmful pathogens which are caused during negligent transportation and manhandling of the eatables.


According to recent news reports, the fruits and vegetables in India are laced with surface toxic contaminants like insecticides, pesticide residue, bacteria, dirt, wax, grime, fungicides, artificial ripening agents like calcium carbide etc. These chemicals cannot be washed away with just plain water. The concentrations of these chemicals are sometimes significantly high as compared to fruits & vegetables from other countries across the globe. These chemicals might not have a visible immediate effect, however long term consumption of such eatables could be a reason for cancer, reproductive damage, stunted physical and mental growth in children etc.  Keeping all this aside, heavy manhandling of the fruits and vegetables during the transport system makes them more prone to germicidal and bacterial contamination before reaching the final destination.


An Ultrasonic Cleaner comprises of a tank (with different sizes), motor/ circuit for cleaning the eatables, a removable basket / tray. To begin the cleaning process, the cleaning tank is filled with water or a cleaning solution. As soon as the ultrasonic washers is switched on with water and fruits/vegetables, ultrasonic waves in the range    of 30-50 Khz creates compression waves in the liquid resulting in the creation of partial vacuum bubbles. These vacuum bubbles “clings” to the foreign particles such as dirt, wax, polish, pesticides and scrubs them off with an implosion effect which is created when the bubbles collapses. The enormous energy creates a pulling effect which even reaches narrow crevices of the fruits & vegetables to remove dirt, dust, germs, pesticides and other contaminants. At present we are making Ultrasonic cleaning systems that can clean upto 150 kgs of food produce in an hour’s time. We also custom fabricate the cleaning machines as per the size & demand of the customer. The technology is being duly lab tested with reports available on demand.


  1. Tell us about the competitive scenario of major companies in India for the same sector, and what makes R.K.Transonic Engineers unique in this field?

Ultrasonic cleaning technology in not new, however at “R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt.Ltd.” we firmly believe that innovation is the key to sustainability. We do have healthy competition in the market and china bombards cheap product in the Indian subcontinent thereby sometimes causing threat, but with the new make in India campaign, we are adamant to serve our clients with the best quality products at affordable prices. We source our raw material from trusted and certified manufacturers and keep a stern eye on the quality benchmarks. All the ultrasonic machines have to mandatorily pass a 72 hours rigid quality test before leaving the factory premises. Once dispatched, we pay close attention on the working of the machine with feedbacks from our clients and also offer AMC services so that proper maintenance of the machine can be done. We are also ISO certified and provide CE markings to our machines exported in the European market. All the machines used in our facility and duly tested and calibrated so that we can minimize manual error and only the best quality product reaches out client.

  1. Are you also selling your products online? if no, are you planning for the same?

We have a strong presence on www.indiamart.com, however at the moment we are not selling our products online. Keeping in mind the current market trend, we are certainly planning to showcase our machines on online portals like amazon.

  1. Do you have a R&D team? Please tell us their contribution for developing new and innovative products?

At “R.K.Transonic Engineers Pvt.Ltd.”we have a dedicated R&D team comprising of  mechanical engineers specialized in engineering drawing software which helps us to mimic the working of Ultrasonic machines on computers even before the actual machine is made. This along with our circuit design team helps us to innovate ultrasonic machines to new applications majorly in the field of food produce washing and cleaning. Our R&D team constantly comes up with new machine concepts which are not only efficient but also takes less space, utilize less water & chemical and also provide the required cleanliness level every time. We have successfully & delivered our fruit & vegetable washing machines to IITs Delhi, HARC Dehradun and many professional kitchens. Our R&D team has also established the machines which are using Ultrasonic + Ozone technology to effectively clean fruits & vegetable in a short span of time.


  1. What are your firm’s recent achievements and future plans?

We have recently launched a new product line catering to the food industry. Our life today is full of chemicals, pollutants, dust, grime, smoke and all types of foreign elements in air which are not only making us sick but also working as a catalyst to our body’s degeneration cycle. While controlling all the aspects seems difficult, there is one major change which can be easily attained and this is reducing the use of harmful chemicals. ​

At R.K.Transonic , we are trying to replace harmful, hazardous and unsafe sanitation/disinfection chemical with our safe & friendly water based sterilants. At first, it seems like an easy motto; a chemical-free sanitising and disinfecting solution but what we aim to do is much more than that ! By providing easy to use, eco-friendly, and 100 X times more effective & safe disinfectants, we not only strive to improve the quality of life of people but also help save our planet for a better tomorrow by reducing huge load of chemical dump which our Nature is not designed to engulf. The toxic waste, chemical waste and by-products of harmful disinfectant chemical available in the market today has a huge impact on the complete eco-system.

We are committed to bring a revolution in the field of sanitation, hygiene & public health by introducing ECA (Electro-Chemical Activation) Technology for the first time in Indian subcontinent. ECA is a green technology which uses pure water & salt (Brine Solution) to produce nature’s most potent disinfectant, biocide & wound-care agent. Being completely 100% Natural; with no chemical added to it, this technology ensures that we live a life free from bacteria & diseases. Saniprocare disinfectant is a revolutionary product in the field of hygiene & disinfection. This all new aqueous based range of disinfectant is made with electrolyzed water which is free from alcohol, aldehyde or any harmful chemical. We are currently exporting the product to European markets and we are propagating our products for institutional sales in the Indian Subcontinent as well for all professional kitchens.  One can checkout more details about Saniprocare via www.ecagreensolution.com


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