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Hygienic Design for Better Food Safety – Your Design Guide for Metal Conveyor Systems


Given the complex nature of the Food Processing industry, maintaining optimal food safety becomes a staggering task. Conveyor systems are an integral part of any food processing industry. A majority of industries today prefer the metal conveyor systems over belts made from any other materials. Because, they perform in extreme temperatures, surpass intense sanitation requirements, and deliver efficient results.

However, hygienic design of metal conveyor systems is a must because they are one of the key components which are in direct contact of food. It is to be noted that the hygienic design element does not mean only the form of the conveyor system. But, it comprises the functionality aspect of that system as well. All the aspects related to form and function of a well and hygienically designed metal conveyor system are explained below:

Design according to the nature of the food being processed:-

The nature of food and the methods used to process it are two key things that have a huge impact on the design of food processing conveyor system. A facility which processes raw foods such as meats would require a metal conveyor system which can be easily sanitized.

When it comes to the type of processes, if it involves cutting or dicing, it requires a firm solid surface which will not chip or scratch easily. If applications such as frosting are to be used, it requires gentle and precise handling with customized attachments. Others include cooling, heating, freezing, pasteurizing, etc. Some of these require extreme temperatures.

Even if metal conveyor system is well-equipped to handle most of these processes, be sure to design systems suitable for your facility’s particular environments. Besides, they should be easy to clean and maintain. This will help you maintain a high standard in food safety.

Leveraging the unique properties of solid metal conveyor system

Metal conveyor systems rank high on advantages because of their distinct qualities, over any other material. They are resistant to corrosive chemicals, versatile and are built to withstand extreme temperatures. Due to their nature of zero affinity towards germs and bacteria, they are more sanitary than other material such as plastic. This helps reduce the risk of contamination. They do not outgas, and neither do they generate particulates nor do they require lubrication. Simple cost-effective methods are required for cleaning them. Moreover, they relatively have an extended lifespan because of their robust structure. As a result, the facility owners can save a lot on time, labor and maintenance. All of these qualities translate into numerous advantages which can add value to your food processing facility.

In sync with the various environment factors

An important thing to keep in mind is whether or not your metal conveyor system is suitable for the environment in which it will operate. This includes the dimensions of the space, temperature, moisture, chemicals involved, etc. A well-designed metal conveyor system factors in all of these parameters. The conveyor system design should also allow quick and easy access for thorough cleaning, maintenance and inspection.

Compliance with relevant guidelines
Government and private quality control organizations have the strictest guidelines when it comes to safety and quality for food processing. These terms are designed to prevent food contamination, and ensure complete food safety. Hence, you should without fail see to it that your food processing metal conveyor system completely adheres to these guidelines.

In a nutshell, to enhance and maintain the highest standards of food safety in your processing facility, you need to factor in all the above described aspects. They are a right balance of the form and function of a hygienically designed metal conveyor system.

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