Home Article Precious goods deserve the greatest care –“From Farm To Fork”!

Precious goods deserve the greatest care –“From Farm To Fork”!


On the efficient path to quality in food sector, thanks to Testo, nothing is left to chance.
In highly standardized procedures and production processes, each step follows strict specifications. Legal regulations and control authorities demand absolute hygiene and the best quality for consumer, and Testo strives to deliver that.

In the end, only premium quality and perfect flavour counts. Yet there are hidden risks in the handling of foodstuffs at all production and sales levels. Testo measurement technology helps you to avoid them.

Whether you are taking a spot check or long-term measurements, monitoring temperatures or other measurement parameters, whether you are carrying out stationary or mobile checks of temperatures, air humidity or analytical measurement parameters such as pH values or cooking oil quality: Testo provides you standard – compliant measurement technology which you can rely on.

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