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High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) & Applic


These days, in the emerging field of functional foods, minimal processed foods have increased in popularity along with organic foods. With more concern of food safety and health aspect, emergence of, the non-thermal processing technologies are gaining importance in the era of minimally processed foods. One of the promising technology which could serve as an alternative method for food preservation is the application of high pressure processing (HPP). For the first time in history, this technique was proposed by Royer in 1895 to kill bacteria and later by Hite in 1899, explored HPP effects on milk, meat, fruits and vegetables processing. In early 1990s, commercial HPP processed food products; fruit juices, jams, fruit topping and tenderized meats were introduced for the first time in Japanese industry in Tokyo (Mertens, 1995; Thakur, 1998).


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