Home Article Addition of Antifreeze Protein in Ice cream

Addition of Antifreeze Protein in Ice cream


Organisms which live under extreme climatic conditions of sub zero temperatures have developed different adaptations to cold. One of these adaptations was the development of specific proteins, called antifreeze proteins that inhibit ice growth and prevent re-crystallization, hence tissue damage. Food industry is a significant sector where antifreeze proteins can be applied. Using the methods and the protocols of transgenesis, antifreeze proteins can be introduced into fish, yeast, vegetables and fruits in order to give new beneficial properties to these organisms. In dairy products it has taken important role in manufacturing of products especially ice cream. The usage of AFP’s in ice cream production can improve texture and taste experience of the ice cream, by inhibiting the growth of ice crystals in the mixture. The proteins function by inhibiting ice crystallization and minimizing ice crystal growth.


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