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Food Processing Operations Tip – High-Speed Doors Maintain Food Integrity


Maintaining efficiency and safe transportation of food products is a must in the food industry. Especially when operating within low-temp conditions.

Gandhi Automation’s High-Speed Doors are a key component in consistent climate control and contamination management.  It’s all about lean thinking; smart optimization and cutting waste.

Door Speed – Getting in and out quickly maximizes climate control

No matter whether food is frozen or fresh, keeping the environment cold throughout the entire product handling operation maintains quality and reduces waste.

Climate must be maintained. You can chill out since our high-speed doors open and close in seconds, preserving cold air inside high-traffic areas.  Keeping your refrigeration contained inside helps protect your product and operating budget… well, as long as your door moves fast enough!

Door Speed – Boosts effort to reduce contamination

Air flow and traffic movement will cause an amount of contaminants to move with the product as it moves through the operation chain.

Why risk more contamination? There are many practices to reduce contaminants to an acceptable level including selecting the right door.  Minimal door exposure time and a tight seal deliver consistent climate control AND reduce debris.  Door options are available for high to low contact risk.

Door Speed – Amplifies food safety

If a cold storage door is damaged, dented, or even misaligned causing gaps, the door will not be sealed properly.  This can result in energy loss and threat to product quality.

High-speed doors are fast!  Swift entrance and exits reduce the risk of damage to your doors and the roll-up design provides a tight seal.

Operational Specs

  • Opening: “just in time,” manual or automatic with all kinds of activator, at a speed up to 2.0 m/sbased on curtain dimension
  • Closing: “fast,” manual or automatic with an adjustable timer, at a speed up to 0.5 m/s


  • Closed door: flexible curtain guarantees sealing with a leakage area
  • At each cycle: the air exchange is limited due to soft bottom edge which allows just in time opening and fast closing with enhanced safety

Adapted for Intense Food Processes

  • No mechanical welding needed
  • Food grade curtain with sealed horizontal welds, smooth structure, water-repellent, non-corrosive, power washing and air-drying easy
  • These latest generation materials offer performances superior to 316L stainless steel
  • Free®, multiplexable® and reactive® soft bottom edge compresses in case of contact with an object and any change of its shape triggers the re-opening of door
  • Automatic re-insertion in the guides after accidental shock
  • Spare parts readily available from stock

Fast roll up doors for food industry are designed to meet the stringent demands of hygiene in the food industry, Prime Food fast roll up doors are resistant to humidity, temperature, corrosion and detergents. It is very easy to clean and disinfect and where tight sealing while partial or full wash down is required. The smooth surface with shiny finish prevents dust build up and is resistant to pressure washing.

The self-repairing system automatically resets the door after an accidental impact. The robust construction of Prime Food provides high cycle operation even in wet applications. FDA approved Polystone® M-Natural guides available as standard for environments that demands rigorous cleaning routines. Fast roll up prime food doors are very useful in FMCG sector.

Main features

It is a flexible high-speed door in PVC for indoors use, with no rigid elements and with a perimeter structure made entirely of stainless steel.

Thanks to its components and structure, keeping it clean is easy and it is extremely resistant to oxidation.

Characterized by wash proof frame and designed to avoid the collecting of liquid, dust or any impurity on the frame, this door is washable in all parts respecting the hygienic restrictions of the field.

Its speed will let the door maintain the different characteristics of the environment they are located in.

The absence of rigid elements inside the curtain, the resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, photocells and barriers make this product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing.


Production efficiency, processing speed, hygiene and respect for the cold chain are crucial in every food processing environment. Gandhi Automations high speed doors help to meet those requirements.

The smooth and even textured flexible PVC door curtain of a high-speed door is easy to clean. The roll up door can be installed with a stainless-steel structure and side posts. Impurities cannot accumulate and an optimal hygiene becomes possible.


High speed rolls up doors open and close very fast. The time a door remains open is limited to a minimum. This avoids temperature fluctuations in your cold chain areas, protecting food quality.

A superior seal around the full perimeter of the high-speed door keeps draughts, dust, dirt and insects out of your storage and processing areas. It helps to avoid contaminations.