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Gandhi Automation`s Prime Freeze high speed doors- Successful solution for temperature control and cold storage


Consultative selling has always been the basics of high-end technical products, Gandhi Automation a 22 years old company and dominating 70% of the automated door market in India still believes in basics. Probably the reason we wanted our readers to know that this is one company which doesn’t get solutions from other parts of the world and just use Ctrl C-Ctrl V for the Indian market.

When we talk about Cold Chain the geographical dynamics and operational conditions are very different in India compared to other countries. And only one who has built solutions from scratch can address the Indian market. That`s where Gandhi Automation fares sky above others. We feelthe 23 branches of Gandhi Automation across India are the data engines that generate humungous data on day to day challenges of a cold storage but good news is customers always walk out of these branch offices with a solution that was specially designed and customized for them, surely “Early Doors to Success” for Cold Storage Owners.

“Envelop”a concept for Cold Chain Distribution centre (DC) means a DC has to be perfect at, walls to floors to entry-exit doors so that energy loss is low. DCs cannot afford to have solid panel doors and simultaneously the cooling wastage needs to be curtailed, even Door and Access System Manufacturer’s Association (DASMA) confirms roll up design has lesser energy losses. Prime Freeze Duo is the solution from Gandhi Automation; with a high-speed dual curtain technology with blower aid, roll up door. This product is suitable from +5 Degree Celsius to -35 Degree Celsius; in case of a forklift impact the Prime FreezeDuo resets itself back into position hence is a self-repairing product, innovative indeed. It has high level of insulation, is extremely safe and ideal solution to avoid any cooling loss.  Again, products like High Speed doors are apt for food storing cold storages with lesser cooling loss and ensuring reduced bacterial activity promisinghigher standards.

The high-speed door by Gandhi Automations is a flexible, low-temperature insulated industrial door system that allows easy transition between areas with large temperature differences. The rapid opening and closing of the door system prevent a dramatic drop or increase in temperature.

The creation of a physical barrier that prevents the penetration of cold through a particularly strong fabric that has been coated with a special material is a system solution that has been specially designed for cooling areas.

Designed for cold storage applications the PRIME FREEZER high-speed door allows fast traffic in and out your freezer room, minimizing temperature variations. Its excellent seal limits the loss of cooled air and saves energy.

An optional insulation curtain mounted on the high-speed freezer door reduces condensation and frost. It forms an extra barrier between warm outside temperatures and cold inside temperatures.

Low consumption electric heating cables in the side posts of this high-speed freezer door reduce frost and avoid down-time. Combined with the self-reinserting door curtain this guarantees a long lifetime of the roll up door.


A PRIME FREEZER high speed door is safe for people, products and vehicles. The flexible door curtain is free of rigid parts. It avoids injuries and damage.

These high-speed doors incorporate the speed of the passages and the functionality of opening so that the low temperature and humidity remain within the separated area. Gandhi offers you a great and extremely safe product.

Gandhi Automation`s solutions cater to wide variety of customers ranging from large beverage manufacturing corporates to cold storages operating in retail markets, and every requirement is unique. But we want to highlight the ability of this company where it offers tailored solution to every client who decides to opt for “Early Doors” to success.Insulated high-performance doors preserve the cold chain in high-traffic cooler and freezer applications. Able to open and close rapidly, they prevent drafts and resist moisture as well as reduce energy costs.

The fact that Gandhi Automation believes in detailed research of its customers so it can offer a unique solution for better ROI creates impact in the business and plans future scalability.This process of owning customers and working as business partner ensures Gandhi Automation a sublime customer satisfaction, a must for a leader in Industry 4.0.