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BAKERS TECHNOLOGY FAIR caters to the needs of various segments of Bakery Business professionals including the Large Scale Bakeries & Confectionery Plants, Bakery Chains, mid segment Bakeries, artesian bakeries, cafe chains etc. The Indian Baking industry is growing at a rapid pace! BTF helps industry professionals to find new and smarter solutions for the trending food & bakery business. Synergy Exposures has taken a step forward represented Hyderabad to be “The Biscuit Capital of India”. Third party manufacturers, master bakers, chefs, procurement professionals & food business operators found optimum solution at BTF.

The Industry in India  have always had a good market potential and the growth rate have not been monitored systematically as the unorganised players hold a significant market share. Large bakery chains and cluster formats have proved quite successful in the last 5 years. The revenue in the Bread & Bakery Products segment amounts to US$3024m in 2018. The market is expected to grow annually by 8.9% (CAGR 2018-2021). Frozen Baking technology has entered the Indian market and this has been widely accepted by the retail food industry and end users, India with large per capita consumption has welcomed this technology to serve the masses.

The use of additives, food colours & preservatives have been a challenge in the industry, the regulatory bodies have not been able to achieve the goals in controlling the use of right ingredients. Synergy Exposures & Events India Pvt. Ltd under the guidance of The Society of Indian Bakers has unveiled a hand book for Bakers on FSSAI standards to streamline the production process in all categories of bakeries. The seminars organised by Bakers Knowledge Sharing Forum has been a eye opener in the areas such as hygiene, best practices in large scale production etc.

Technology plays a vital role in food production & atomisation makes baking process simpler. It supports hygienic environment and has definitely helped to achieve shelf life of products, use of technology has reduced the human resource & skilled manpower and as a result the industry have been able to achieve better results. Foaming technology, modern packaging trends and innovative storage solutions are the driving factor for a successful business model.

Flavours & Ingredients determine the appeal and quality of a product, using organic raw materials in India have taken a twist! The right mix of products and the labelling factors needs to be re-looked by every production unit. The Ingredient suppliers have to be more transparent in their approach while suggesting & marketing the products. Over all premixes have stolen the game and have set standards in the growing market, the need of  bake stable products in scratch recipes have made the suppliers role challenging. Readymade garnishes and innovative fillings have taken the confectionery industry to the next level.

The Bakery & Confectionery has about 35% of the market share in the food service domain with the rise in the ready to eat baked product with a higher shelf life and the confectionery vertical focussing on frozen desserts is all set to move up the ladder to serve the masses

Germany, France, Switzerland, England, China, Middle East, Australia, Spain are few leading countries who focus on bakery production extensively. India is a decade behind and however is catching up with the global players at a rapid pace, mergers & franchisee models have bridged the gap in the last 4 years. India has always been holding a fair share in the export market and has a brighter opportunity on expanding domestic brands.

BTF- 2018 had attracted attendees from over 10 Countries, Bakery industry professionals from across India had witnessed the 3 day  Business Networking summit, the seminar organised by the Bakers Knowledge Sharing Forum was well attended by the market leaders from the Bakery, Confectionery, Sweet & Snack Fraternity. Buyers were able to understand, compare and evaluate the products for future sourcing. Exhibitors were able to showcase their ace products to the cream of the bakery industry and a fair deal of closures happened during the expo. The Consultants lounge at BTF helped investors and existing food business operators to update themselves and find new avenues of business under the right guidance. Synergy Exposures is all geared for a truly International event in 2019 with a larger floor space and interesting B2B attractions for the global attendees.