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High performance doors for the food processing industry


The food processing industry has changed from a supply-driven to a demand-driven market where speed and efficiency are increasingly critical. Quality standards are changing and processing requirements are growing more stringent. Gandhi Automation’s engineers have over 20 years of experience dealing with specific challenges facing the food processing industry. We understand each facility is different with different needs. Our selection of doors includes sizing options for added head or side clearance, sealing options to account for pressure differences, and ability to withstand humidity changes.

The Food and drink industry are the biggest manufacturing sector in India with over 4 million people employed within the supply chain and generating over Rs 100 billion for the economy each year.

Manufacturing, production, packaging and distribution facilities all require specialist doors to operate on a daily basis.  Gandhi Automation’s has a range of doors to suit this sector and have grown relationships with many customers around India and internationally.

Security, cleanliness, reliability, environmental properties are all important factors when choosing doors.

Gandhi Automation’s has specifically developed the Prime Food door to suit food markets and white wall environments, with wash down guides, stainless steel options, variable air leakage requirements, non-touch safety light curtain and high-speed operation.The pioneers of automatic high-speed doors in India with multi-composite frame for the food industry, Gandhi Automation’s Prime Food door beats any expensive, heavy and unsatisfactory weld-fabricated stainless-steel door. They anticipate the current food processes ranges.

Why our doors for your food processing facility?


Your food processing environment must be efficient, clean and temperature-controlled. Gandhi Automation’s high performance roll up doors help to keep food products stable and fresh.

Keep your environment hygienic with the smooth and even-textured PVC door curtain that is easy to clean. A stainless-steel structure and side posts are optional.


The rapid open/close cycle on the high performance roll up doors limit open time and minimize temperature fluctuations. You’ll conserve energy costs while protecting your food quality.

Gandhi Automation’s superior seal that covers the full perimeter of the door keeps your storage and processing areas free of contamination from drafts, dust, dirt and insects.

Need of washability and corrosion resistance?

The frames and mechanisms of Gandhi Automation’s food processes doors are made from new multi-composite materials. Developed from the start to cope with the rigorous constraints of the agri-food industry, they are more corrosion-resistant than 316L stainless steel.

The bottom line is Gandhi Automation’s food processing doors help control the food storage environment, improve the flow of product and increase productivity, ensuring profitability and continuing operations.

High Speed Doors >> Prime Food- Water protected

Fast roll up doors for food industry are designed to meet the stringent demands of hygiene in the food industry, Prime Food fast roll up doors are resistant to humidity, temperature, corrosion and detergents. It is very easy to clean and disinfect and where tight sealing while partial or full wash down is required. The smooth surface with shiny finish prevents dust build up and is resistant to pressure washing. The self-repairing system automatically resets the door after an accidental impact. The robust construction of Prime Food provides high cycle operation even in wet applications. FDA approved Polystone® M-Natural guides available as standard for environments that demands rigorous cleaning routines. Fast roll up prime food doors are very useful in FMCG sector.