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Parag to Sell Icecream from January 2019


Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation Limited (Parag), the Bareilly unit in Utter Pradesh is finally ready to sell ice cream starting first week of January 2019. According to Parag’s spokesperson, the production unit on Badaun Road will deliver ice cream to all districts from January onwards.

D.K. Verma, the unit’s managing director, informed that the machinery for ice cream production was installed in November. He added that the unit’s capacity to produce the ice cream  is at least 1 lakh litres of milk every day.

Verma said, “In order to maintain the taste and quality of the product, we produce only one specific product in a unit. While Meerut unit produces only milk powder, Moradabad produces ghee. Similarly, Bareilly unit will produce ice cream. Processing milk only for a single product helps in cost cutting, uniformity in packaging and maintaining the taste of the product.” Chief development officer Satyendra Kumar said that the federation has a strong network of co-operative societies to procure milk. He added that ice cream would be delivered at these procurement centres.

“At every collection point, the co-operative society will install a refrigerator to store ice cream. It will be distributed when milk vans go to the co-operative societies to collect milk,” said Kumar.